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WowBenz - General Information

Is it legal to buy Guild wars 2 gold at WowBenz?

  • • You've heard that buying Guild wars 2 gold is illegal? Well buying Gold is 100% legal! Guaranteed!

  • • None of our customers have ever complained about problems with GMs or Blizzard.

How does the Gold delivery work? How and when will I receive my Guild wars 2 gold?

  • • GameGood's main priority is speed!

  • • The majority of all deliveries (90%) occur within 6 hours after receipt of payment.

  • • The delivery of your Guild wars 2 Gold takes place in-game. We send the Gold via the gw mail directly to your Guild wars 2 account.

  • • All you need to do is to take your character to the next in-game mail box and pick up your Guild wars 2 Gold.

How can I order Guild wars 2 Gold?

  • • Buying Guild wars 2 Gold on WowBenz is not only simple and fast, but also safe and 100% legal. WowBenz is one of the leading suppliers for Guild wars 2 Gold for all US and EU Servers.

  • • Choose your server from the server list.

  • • Alliance or Horde? Choose your faction.

  • • Now all you need to do is to choose the amount of Gold you want to have and then go to the checkout!

Guild wars 2 Gold?! What it that?

  • • Guild wars 2 is the largest and most popular online role-playing game with over 8 million players worldwide.

  • • The currency used inside the Guild wars 2 game is called Gold. Gold can be used to buy items, armours, weapons etc.

Why do I need Guild wars 2 Gold?

  • • You need Gold for everything! Use your Gold to buy equipment, items, pets and your Mount.

  • • With every new add-on and patch Guild wars 2 grows and is enriched with new areas and items.

  • • Since most people will never have enough time to collect so much Gold themselves, WowBenz offers Guild wars 2 players cheap Guild wars 2 Gold for all US and EU servers. We attempt to support gamers so they can enjoy the whole range of possibilities that Guild wars 2 has to offer.