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WowBenz - WoW Gold and Power Leveling - FAQ

Order process

How long does the delivery take?

Regular order

Maximum delivery time of 1-12 hours

Important: We can only deliver your order after we have received payment. Therefore our delivery is guarantueed only from the time that payment is received.

What can I do to receive my order faster?

The product will be delivered to you as soon as we receive your payment. Payment times can vary according to the method that you use and therefore we recommend that you use a fast payment method in order to receive your purchase without uneccessary delays.

Verified PayPal accountInstant payment..
New PayPal account / PayPal transferPayment usually within 1-3 working days
Bank transferPayment usually within 1-3 working days

How do I order at

To place an order at WowBenz please go to the homepage of our website at

Step 1:

In the left-hand menu you can choose whether you want to buy currency e.g. Gold , an account or power leveling services.

Step 2:

Now you can use the left-hand menu to select the server you want to buy the service for (e.g. Alonsus, Boulderfist, Vashj)

Step 3:

Simply choose the product you wish to order (e.g. 500 Gold) and then simply click on "Buy" to add it to your shopping cart. For detailed product information click on the product image.

Step 4:

Once you are satisfied with you shopping list click on "Buy". Add your order details (e.g. character name) and click on "Continue". Now you can choose a payment method. Please note that different payment types result in different delivery times due to the different times it takes for receipt of payment.

As soon as we received your payment we will deliver your order immediately.

How does the order process work?

Once you have completed your order and we have received your payment, your order is added to our waitinglist. Our team will log into the game and send you your order via in-game mail

I've been waiting for my order for a very long time, where is it?

Please make sure that your payment was processed correctly. Products will only be delievered once we have received your payment. We only deliver the product when we have received your payment. If you have any questions concerning your payment and the status of your delivery, please feel free to contact our free live chat.

How are WowBenz' prices calculated?

The prices displayed on WowBenz are calculated on the basis of many factors, but the most influential factor is the level of supply and demand situation on the various servers for the product you are ordering. We always offer our customers the lowest possible prices without comprimising on speed and quality of delivery. Our objective is to offer our customers the lowest possible price for MMORPG and online gaming products and services.

For further questions please contact our