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WowBenz - WoW Gold and Power Leveling - FAQ


How long does it take until I receive my gold?

90% of our orders are delivered within the first 6 hours of your payment - guaranteed!

However, during server maintanance or other special circumstances delays are posible - in this case please contact our customer support for help.

Important: We can only deliver your order, after we have received your payment. Therefore our delivery guarantuee is only valid from the point that we received the payment.

How to deliver the gold, mail or ingame trade?

We accept both mail and ingame trade. Depends on the situation of trading. They are all 100% security!
Delivery type "Ingame Mail (postal delivery)": We deliver the WoW gold via ingame mail as attachment to your WoW character. Afterwards you can take the gold out of the attachment of the mail at any mailbox.
Delivery type "Face to Face": As soon as we have received your payment, one of our suppliers will call you or whisper you ingame to arrange an ingame trading time. Normally: World of Warcraft meeting place: Alliance at Goldshire. Horde at Retchat .You can contact our customer service for the particular trading site.