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  • Blizzard: Firelands will continue to be weaken before 4.3
  • As the incoming final battle with Deathwing, we are giving close attention to the players’ progress in the current Firelands. Before the release of 4.3 patch, we would like to let those team who are trying the hero difficulty to get close to Ragnaros as possible as they can, and let the players who are still playing the common difficulty can experience leading war as much as they can. In order to achieve these goals, we are going to reduce the difficulty of common and hero through online revision. In general, we plan to reduce the common difficulty and hero difficulty of all leaders’ life value and the damage. The percentage of adjustment range is roughly same to the percentage of Fission the earth before the release of 4.3.

    We hope that more and more teams can face to the Fire Lord in the coming weeks. But, we want to give each player the last chance to try these lords before we do these adjustments. So please pay attention to us, we are going to fixed online for difficulty in the early week on September 19.

    Please keep yours eye on the blog that 4.2 patch online modified, so that you can gain the information when the change occurs and other online updates.