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  • To Blizzard: An Accuse From a World of Warcraft Player
  • Blizzard, an operator of the world’s biggest MMORPG with a business with 10 million clients would correspond with the logic that it will has a way to related to customers except for email.
     An inexplicable banning and no way to contact Blizzard Entertainment for an explanation other than by email adds up to this: forget about having me as a player.
    “Forget about having me as a player.” Other than by email adds up to this, and an inexplicable banning and no way to contact Blizzard Entertainment for an explanation.

    We have been spent five days to try out an experiment into our ten-day trial to get a feel for the game. When boom, disconnected by a Forsaken mage, I was in the middle of him. A message “your account of world of warcraft are closing and you have no right to use anymore” I received, as soon as upon reconnecting.
    Through relevant accounts which have been closed for intended exploitation, access to this account has been everlasting disabled for exploitation of world of warcraft. By the results of exploitation investigation, we try to reoccurring trends in exploitative endeavors on your accounts as lenient as we can, despite of leading to their closure. Further charges can’t be affirmed to be prevented by the recurring subscription on the account.

    They will consider the benefits of real customer service and shell out some bucks for a phone contact option when they hit 15 or 20 million subscribers.
    As a player, how a company can thrive and grow with 10 million customers while screwing over me arbitrarily and erroneously? As a reconnection way to my idled interests in fantasy gaming, I considered world of warcraft sparked by the passing of Gary Gygax recently.
    I didn’t found any defensive software tools such as spyware, rootkits, or any other on my system. Instead of making someone useful available by phone, Blizzard takes a remarkable stupid action, compounded by arrogantly hiding behind an email address, I don’t have any problem to blame Blizzard.

    Never winter or something else will be picked up by me. Have a nice day, Blizzard. Take a class or two in communications by telling no matter who manages your customer service, and get a clue.
    In brief, In my opinion, exploitative may be considered as doing nothing.