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  • Don’t be silly to find a short cut in Warcraft
  • It is easy to be a pro in initial level while you start to play the game. As a most competitive game all over the world, over 10 million players play the game and buy wow gold in warcraft with one ambition. But you still need some help. You can get the help from other skilled players and you need to make friends with the skilled players. The skilled players can give you some help you need.

    One of all things you should do is to create your character. You should insist on one character. You have to level up as soon as you created your character. And then, you can grasp the initial level easily once you do it. When your character was in first 10 to 12 levels, you can experiment very easily.

    You have to learn some skills and choose a profession to buy wow gold as soon as you are done to 10 levels. In the game play, getting copper is the first step. Sometimes you will get some items that can be sold to vendors and you can earn some copper from them. Otherwise, you will get some food item also.

    The gold will begin to come while your progress becomes to get silver with the copper. You should be patient to follow it step by step, because this is a gradual process. It is difficult to find a short out. Rather than to look for a short cut, follow the procedure is better. Kill some high level monsters will make your gold search little meaningful and get some experience points when you go out the wild.

    If you are alone in the place, you will be placed in a team automatically when you are in a battleground. You need to try to look for experienced a team which contains some high level players through working hard. You will not get much profit if you join a team of rookies.

    If you have ability to provide help for some high level player to kill high level monster, they may share the gold with you. Moreover, you will get the chance to be given some good amount of experience points by them. All above things should be remembered when you buy cheap wow gold. They will guarantee the safety of your progress of game.