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  • You Need Customer “WoW!”s
  • What is certainly should be every business's aim is the wow’s customers. Because it's the 'Wow!' factor who drives customer loyalty and repeat business. To create outstanding quality products and phenomenal service, there is a vital ingredient you need. The 'Wow!' is mind-set. The whole business needs it, managers need it, every individual in the business needs it.
    So, what on earth is it?
    a) The company 'Wow!' mind-set
    Whatever is in its Vision and Values will (should) drive the way it works: that is - what it decides to invest its money, time and energies in; what it treats as priorities; what it pays attention to; what it monitors and measures; and what it rewards.
    Aspirations to 'Wow!' customers will therefore become features of its USP (unique sales proposition), of its market facing brand and of its internal employer brand (i.e. how it likes to treat its own people).
    Since it is management teams who task themselves with this, their collective mind-set is key.
    b) Management team 'Wow!' mind-sets
    In reality, this is often difficult to achieve because management teams don't always think and work in unison. Previous experiences, difference of belief about what really matters day-to-day, and varying assumptions about whether this is really an exercise requiring especial effort, can all conspire to prevent collective thinking which is positive and empowers their people.
    So individuals within teams face the dilemma, if the management team appears not to care, do we go it alone?
    c) Individuals' 'Wow!' mind-sets
    For individuals, the issue is one of choice and energy. Give many things expected, do they choose to make the effort to create 'Wow!'? Do they feel sufficiently passionate about this choice to want to invest energy in making the extra effort?
    Managers are the ones to create this environment and encouragement for everyone. There is a risk that people becoming reliant on management to take the initiative. However, the reality is that people will need to learn to help themselves, and have a mind-set of wanting to do it.