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  • guides for New Guild Wars 2 Players
  • Guild Wars 2, as the latest version of Guild Wars, is extremely difficult for new players, such as many components of different colors for all kinds of monsters, needless to say, how to make Guild Wars 2 gold. Platinum and gold are two types of currency of GW 2 and Platinum is equal to 1000 gold. New players should be careful in trades because someone would try using gold as platinum to cheat you. Here we provide some tips to help you understand this game effectively.

    Difficult task
    It is helpful to advance through the game after getting new armor and weapon. Moreover, instead of spending your gold earning more gold, you can accumulate more gold if you buy gold from online stores selling authentic Guild Wars 2 gold, items and weapons. Therefore, making Guild Wars 2 gold is not such a difficult task. If you can make good use of gold and items from online stores, you simply need to buy Guild Wars 2 gold at a lower price. Simultaneously, you can get any item that you can use to advance easily through the game.

    Basic magic weapon
    Gold wars gold farming is one of the most popular methods to get gold. The beginning of the game and the crossing ahead of the burning prophecy chapter are the two areas where this method is practiced, for the drop from the mobs is of great value for players. As the drops from monsters are extremely limited, only the basic magic weapon, players cherish the burning and vial dye. Players getting rid of monsters are trying to find white and black dye that can be sold as much as 8000 Guild Wars 2 gold.